Bet on 2020 U.S. Presidential Election Outcome

Gas prices too high? You can use the xDAI Network instead of Ethereum: click here to see how.

If you have an Ethereum-compatible browser or extension like MetaMask Click here to bet.

Immutable Voting on Blockchain is not here yet, but you can bet on the Election Outcome via the Ethereum Blockchain.

To bet for Biden:

Amount to pay: whatever you want to bet. (5% goes to fee)

Pay to: 0x4da04677882BDFdAC4a774CC785aB94829725690


IMPORTANT: Allow Gas limit (see here) of 100000 to make sure transaction completes!

To bet for Trump:

Amount to pay: whatever you want to bet. (5% goes to fee)

Pay to: 0xc16E80E50adFDdfF3C780a63e490cC7680e7d105


IMPORTANT: Allow Gas limit (see here) of 100000 to make sure transaction completes!

To cash out your win a week after the election is complete:

Amount to pay from the same address/account that you bet from: 0. Yes zero - the Smart Contract will send back your win to your address.

Pay to: 0x7F222f42D2d8d21bB289FdF6f47A91c9b507eC58


IMPORTANT: Allow Gas limit (see here) of 100000 to make sure transaction completes!

Instructions - How to Play

In order to play you must have an Ethereum-compatible browser or extension like MetaMask. You can follow the steps above to bet your favourite U.S. Presiential Candidate wins. The winning bets receive refund or their bet plus the funds bet by the losing betters in amounts proportional to their bets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this game a scam?
A: No, honesty is our first priority. The betting is administered by a Smart Contract and it works exactly as described here. But please don't take just our word for it - the smart contract is open source. You take a look at the source code and see yourself what it does, it's very simple. See also the Smart Contracts for betting by payment: betOnBiden and betOnTrump.
Q: When can I bet?
A: You can bet before midnight at the beginning of Election Day, Washington D.C. local time.
Q: When can I cash out my winnings?
A: Once the election is complete, give it another week in case there is a election irregularity appeal. If there is an appeal, the results will be ready when the final result is announced. Your winnings will stay in the Smart Contract until you cash out - no time limit, don't worry. To know for sure, you can cash out as soon as electionResult is not 0 (i.e. not "0 uint8").
Q: What are the costs to bet?
A: The 5% fee goes to the owner. You may incur Ethereum blockchain transaction fee charges, as with any other Ethereum transaction / Smart Contract call. The remaining 95% is your bet.
Q: Can I bet more than once?
A: Yes, if you bet for the same candidate, you inrease the amount of your bet. You can also bet for the other canditate if you change your opinion about the expected winner. You can do all that from the same address, and eash time is considered a separate additional bet.
Q: Can I lose money and how?
A: Yes, you can lose money if you bet, but not for the winning candidate.
Q: Am I voting for U.S. President here?
A: No, you are just betting on the election outcome. This does not influence the voting in any way.
Q: What if one of the candidates withdraws or is somehow officially replaced?
A: In such case the result will be the candidates' winning party - Democrat or Republican.
Q: Where are the funds from the bets stored?
A: The funds are paid to the Smart Contract and stored there. No one can take out any funds until the election is completed and the results are registered. If you win, your funds will stay in the Smart Contract until you withdraw them, as long as it takes.
Q: Can I see the amount of money that I bet? What is EL20 Token?
A: Yes, if your wallet supports adding custom tokens, just add the token with the Smart Contract contract address 0x7F222f42D2d8d21bB289FdF6f47A91c9b507eC58. The token "EL20" will appear in your holdings showing the amount of ETH that you bet.
Q: The transaction fails when trying to pay to the smart contract using a regular wallet. Why? How to fix this?
A: Please allow 100000 Gas limit for the transaction, as the payable function actually executes the logic of the game. Most likely of this only about half will be used. To save money select slow execution, as there is no hurry when betting.
To see how to set the Gas limit follow the following links: